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15 Experiential Marketing Facts To Get You Through 2019

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15 Experiential Marketing Facts To Get You Through 2019

Experiential Marketing is a raging bull.  Every passing day brands and agencies are putting more dollars behind one of the fastest, and most effective marketing trends that’s bringing in real results.  With brand loyalty being established by engaging target consumers, and stimulating positive sentiment, it’s a tremendous financial gain for brands.  Need more information to see just how effective Experiential Marketing is?  Keep reading.

15 Incredible Stats About Experiential Marketing

  1. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predict that the event industry will jump 44%(2010–2020), surpassing most growth predictions for other industries.
  2. 79% of brands said they will execute more experiential programs this year compared to last.
  3. A polled 80% of attendants mentioned that live demonstrations and free samples drastically helped solidify their purchase decision.
  4. Over 86% of event marketers claimed attendee satisfaction was their gauge of event success.
  5. 74% of event attendees say they have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, or product being promoted after the event.
  6. 79% of U.S. marketers generate sales using event marketing.
  7. About 34% of consumers surveyed said they would make a post about the experience on their social media pages.
  8. From the above survey, 33% of consumers said they would take photos or video during the event.
  9. 65% of consumers surveyed said that live events helped them build a better understanding of a service or product. (significantly higher than digital or TV advertising efforts for recognizing or learning about a brand.)
  10. 98% of users feel more inclined to purchase after attending an activation.
  11. 65% of brands say that live events and experiential programs are directly related to sales.
  12. 70% of users later became regular customers after a marketing event.
  13. 76% of marketers say their event and experiential marketing initiatives are integrated with their other marketing campaigns.
  14. 77% of marketers use experiential marketing as a vital part of a brand’s advertising strategies.
  15. Event technology can help increase event attendance by 20%. Increase productivity by 27%, and decrease costs by 20–30%.

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