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In the early days of BobCar, we had a simple idea: to mobilize billboards all over New York City. This little idea quickly blossomed into one of the most influential marketing tactics in the city and helped us build incredible connections with some of the most influential brand in the world, such as Snickers, T-Mobile and Verizon.

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But like the city we started in and the industry we love, we realized we had to keep evolving.

Today, BobCar has expanded our services to help brands in every industry create hands-on, immersive experiences for their customers. From on-site pop-ups to traveling kiosks, multi-screen connections to virtual reality experiences, our patented mobile showrooms will deliver a lasting message that your customers will remember for years.

Our Mission

Whether it’s two people meeting and sharing a conversation, a family bonding through a shared outing, or a consumer building trust with a brand they love, deep connections come from real, authentic experiences.

BobCar Media

At BobCar, our mission is to provide brands with fully customizable, easily accessible, out-of-home mobile showroom experiences that help them enrich their connections with consumers by connecting the digital and physical worlds. Along the way, we remain committed to ethical, eco-friendly marketing practices, and steadfast stewardship of our partner brands.

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Our partnership with BobCar has not only met but exceeded expectations. I highly recommend their Mobile Showroom Experience Program to any business that is looking for a fun, creative and out of the box way to drive traffic and close sales.

George Polk
Marketing Consultant

The opportunity for the placement of the BobCar Mobile Showrooms in the future is virtually endless. They can be included at store openings, town fairs, and pretty much any size event one can think of.

Stewart Henderson
Vice President of Marketing

BobCar delivered an amazing program in support of Tropicana Farmstand’s marketing efforts, exceeding expectations throughout the program.

Meredith Hork
Sr. Marketing Manager

We saw a dramatic 78% increase in sales at Best Buy locations when BobCar was present, and 62% increase at our retail stores.

Kevin Martini
VP of Field & Event Marketing


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