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Samsung Digital Cameras


Establish a new beginning for Samsung Digital Cameras. Implement a strategy to initiate brand appreciation and build growth for both trade and consumer.

  1. Increase brand awareness of Samsung in the digital camera category.
  2. Reinforce trade relationships by demostrating Samsung’s strong ability to complete in the digital camera market.
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  1. Went to streets with six customized, Samsung Bobcars to reach consumers in non-traditional settings and served as mobile, interactive showrooms.
  2. Staffed each mobile showroom with two Brand Ambassadors extensively trained on Samsung’s products.
  3. Featured an array of Samsung digital cameras in each showcase for passers by to try out first-hand as well as a Samsung LCD TV Monitor, streaming promotional brand videos and commercials.
  4. Generated roadside impressions when the mobile showroom was in transit, as the exterior was fully designed with Samsung branding, the flip-up doors served as moving billboards attracting non-stop head turns.


200% Increase in

consumer brand awareness within the digital camera category

300% Increase in

trade interest and distribution commitments

1.5 Impressions