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Verizon Wireless

Interactive Mobile Showroom Program

Client Brief:

  1. Intercept and engage with consumers to educate them about the Verizon Wireless Unlimited network and select phones and devices.
  2. Engage consumer near Verizon Wireless retail stores and targeted lifestyle events consistent with demo and geographic profiles.
  3. Demonstrate Samsung, LG, HUM, and Arlo devices to educate audiences on the latest available tech from Verizon Wireless.
  4. Generate warm hand-offs, capture consumer data, encourage consumers to join the Unlimited family.


  1. Deploy 3 Verizon Wireless Mobile Showrooms to cover select markets in the Great Lakes region. Activate at over 290 locations across a four month period from mid-May through September 2017.
  2. Conducted live product demonstrations by highly trained and motivated Brand Ambassadors in the Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati markets.
  3. Incorporate a dynamic promotional sweepstakes overlay to further drive consumer participation and support public relations activations.
  4. Compliment the program with an integrated social media program to expand awareness and shared communications via social networks.





Secondary Impressions


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