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Explore some of our most common product categories and see past client work or contact us to discuss your own:

Food and Beverage

What better way to stir up buzz about a restaurant, new cuisine or budding beverage than to give them a taste in the real world? We work with restauranteurs and entrepreneurs to design and deliver on-site tastings, mini-openings, micro-catering and unique events of all sorts that put a sweet taste in your customers’ mouths.

Heath and Beauty

Have a wellness product you are itching to get in front of consumers? We’re here to help you take it to the streets. Our brand ambassadors can act as mobile reps for your product or we can create a hands-on experience for your team to run in areas with significant foot-traffic. Whatever your specialty, we’ll help you bring wellness to the people!


No matter how old we get we all love playing with new toys, right? Mobile showrooms make a perfect place to get your tech in their hands. Our mobile showrooms can be outfitted with wifi and the latest technology providing an ideal environment for customers to test out your gadgets, share online with friends, and connect with your brand on numerous channels at once.


Some of our longest-tenured and largest product partners hail from telecom, as our mobile showrooms are perfect for a mobile world. Set up shop in a metropolitan hub or take your products to untraditional environments to spread the word. However your products help people connect, we’ll connect you with new consumers.

Politics and Activism

Get your message out there in a way people will remember! Let us help your mission rise above the noise and connect with more people. Be it a campaign for office, a rally to fight for a just cause, or simply a community-building effort, we can build an experience that gets you the face time and engagement you need to make a lasting difference.


From tailgaters to casual game-goers, sports fans are always willing to engage with exciting, hands-on branded content. Take advantage of foot traffic at a major sporting event; set up a contest that fans can’t resist; or partner with top athletes to create a personal interaction no sports lover will ever forget. No matter your game plan, BobCar’s got your back.

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