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Putting the Mobile Showroom in Action

Mobile Showrooms are ideal for extensive product demonstrations, sampling, market data collection, retail bounce-back programs, controlling the last three feet, launching new products, and increasing sales through warm hand-offs in on-site retail applications.

Every BobCar Mobile Showroom is staffed by a team of highly skilled Brand Ambassadors who have been specifically trained to represent your brand and talk about your products. We also outfit every BobCar Mobile Showroom with the latest technology — such as laptops, tablets, and VR/AR headsets — so consumers can easily virtually interact with your brand or shop your online store after they experience a product demonstration.

The BobCar Mobile Showroom is a turn-key, packaged program, from concept through custom fabrication, all supervised by seasoned field and account management teams. We also offer a 3-in-1 marketing solution that incorporates guerilla, digital, and mobile brand promotion that resonates with B2B and B2C.


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