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This has brought with it a new set of inherent challenges; not the least of which is the simplest and most quintessential need of retail – traffic.

Just getting people through the door is becoming more and more cumbersome every day.

So, what do you do?  Flyer guys… mailers…. advertise in the Sunday paper?  Maybe you spend super heavy on larger traditional strategies like radio and TV to get so little return that you’re not even sure it worked.  Or maybe you wise up and just amplify the message, amplify the awareness and amplify the results.

Well at BBRG we understand this challenge and have a proven solution that is not rocket science nor a silver bullet.  Rather, it is the successful implementation and execution of traditional guerilla tactics combined with the successful integration of digital marketing and B2B cross-pollination.

We Mobilize A Community for sustained results through forged relationships and connections – not ads.

What is it?

The MaC Program is a guerrilla marketing program designed specifically to drive traffic into retail locations and promote offers to targeted audiences with specific and trackable results.

“Hot-wiring” local community relationships

Creating and fostering cross-pollination relationships with other businesses

Calendar merge

Event coordination

Social media blitz (viral community)

Strategic marketing premiums

While these are not the only tactics we use, they are the foundational pieces to driving more awareness, traffic and, ultimately, business to your retail location.

We have run this program for small one store operators as well as national brands with distribution in the thousands.  No matter big or small, the same fundamentals are true – there’s no magic pill you can take and no steps you can avoid.  Much like a political campaign, if you and your message are not out there daily… shaking hands and kissing babies – then no one will know what you can offer or what you can do for them.  That is where we come in.

We do more than just promote you. We get you in-grained into the nomenclature of the area and get your wares and services to the audience that will always support – the local community.

Beyond our actual tactics, the key differentiator is the frontline handoff.  Our main premise is to build a sustainable model that can be replicated and maintained after BBRG is gone.  Teach a man to fish, right?  We create a living document that is transferrable and provides color and context on what will work, what does not work and how to “press the button”.  This means that the ROI is always going with the MaC Program by BBRG.

To date, our average results for the program have resulted in 23% top line revenue increases and 5% traffic increases, year over year.  There are two notables to attach to those…

  • Traffic into all retail in the US for 2017-2018 went down 5% -> Creating a 10-point positive delta for MaC stores
  • When looking at the incremental traffic YoY, the average conversion rate has been 28%. i.e, almost 1/3rd of the new traffic generated resulted in a sale of the primary commodity or product full stop


Trying to ramp up a new store? Trying to rebound in a location that has ebbed off after the initial influx? Or looking to rejuvenate an older location that could stand to catch up to a changing community?

No matter what your situation, we can help. Click the contact us button to get a free consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Take control of your business destiny and get the MaC Program behind you.

Case Study - Amp The Mile (MaC program)

Core Components

Bring the Brand
to Life



Product Demo



Core components

The handoff to the frontline, creating sustainable results through transferable skills & relationships; building lasting value beyond the program cycle.

Program Timeline

Month 1


Month 2

Begin Program Activation

Month 3

Full Program Activation

Month 4

Full Program Activation

Month 5

Begin Program Hand-off

Month 6


Store Manager Testimonials

“Ever since we started working with BBRG, they have bought a huge lift in our store traffic”


“[BBRG] have done a lot for us. They bought DJs, …partnered us with the local military, … and so much more ..Thank you!

-Chantilly, VA

“We love the Amp The Mile Program. We love how you get the community involved. You guys did amazing”

-Pearl River

“[BBRG] has helped us out a lot. It’s brought in a lot of traffic”

-Franklin Lakes, NJ

Select Partners In The Field

Key Takeaways from stores in the program vs. those not (YoY)

  • 10 pts ahead of peer group in traffic
  • 22 pts ahead of PY in revenue*

*activations measured for this case study/measured purchases

6 month results

8,559 more footsteps
2,395 more activations (measured purchases)
28% conversion rate

164% on ROI on average

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